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About Us

Every landscape can be a work of art.  We have been making this a reality since the company began in 1995.  Our experiences, talent, passion, formal education, and skills, combined with your trust allow us to design and build beautiful and useable landscapes. These landscapes are as unique as the individuals that use them.  In nearly 25 years we have not created two that are the same.

Landscape By Design is owned by Darren Hartvigsen who is our principal landscape designer and oversees construction.  In conjunction with an outstanding team of craftsmen, it’s his vision, enabled by many clients who are now our friends, that have allowed for LBD to produce so many beautiful places.  Darren is considered by his clients “an artist”.  He considers and calls his team members “craftsmen”.

Darren received his bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture in the early nineties.  While working with a landscape architecture firm shortly after graduation it became apparent that there was a large gulf between design and construction.  This served to have him believe that if the design and the construction were under the same roof, there would be a better result.  Darren’s architect-mentor at the time, the principal designer at the firm, agreed and started giving him opportunities to install small projects from the firm’s residential designs.  This is how Landscape by Design was born.  Fast forward from the early 90s until today and here we are.

Utah’s natural beauty is breathtaking.  It ranges from red deserts to alpine mountains and nearly everything in between.  We consider nature one of our greatest blessings.  Though no man-made landscape can match nature’s beauty and functionality, we should always look to it as the best example, and apply its principles in our work.   As you become interested in residential and commercial landscapes, you quickly see that many of them leave elements to be desired.  It doesn’t cost a lot more to conceive and build exceptional landscapes.  With our unique abilities (including patience) and clients that trust their work to us, we design and build the exceptional! This is where our personal gratification comes from–using nature’s materials to produce a landscape that is exceptional, beautiful, and functional.  If you look at our work with discriminating eyes, we think you’ll see what we mean.

Time is a great teacher.  From our inception until today, it’s our experiences that have formed our thinking and shaped our skills.  Our travels around this magnificent earth have opened our understanding to what the natural and man-made landscapes of the world can teach.  From studying in person the cobblestone plazas of Europe, to standing in and analyzing a high-mountain stream, these experiences have taught us and are reflected in our landscapes.

All of our work is based on word-of-mouth referrals from clients to friends and back to us.  With great gratitude we say thank you to all who have trusted and recommended us; and we hope we’ll continue to be deserving of future recommendations.  To think everyone will be delighted with our work would be naive, but our record of subsisting since 1995 on non-solicited referrals speaks well of what we can do for you.

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